Application Submission

[entry-level] skills, experience and work ethics are tested

[Experienced level] evaluate work experience and relevant skills are tested

Screening Interview

Unit leader and members attend

and evaluate interviewee

Career aptitude/
personality test

[entry-level] personality & career test

[experienced level] personality test

* For entry-level test, an essay question will be given.

Final Interview with executives

Board members including CEO

attend and evaluate interviewee


Result will be announced to all candidates.

* Process might differ from units or be changed depending on circumstances.
* Job offer can be cancelled due to providing misleading or false information on a job application or resume.


  • Resilience

    Unceasing efforts to achieve unit goals. Flexibility for unexpected and fast changes.

  • Team work

    Communication and cooperation with open-mind to make synergy. Trust and respect for positive relationship.

  • Responsibility

    Awareness of one’s responsibility and full commitment. Steady efforts for developing specialty.

  • Insight

    Analyzing core issue and the cause. Finding the best way to solve the issue.

  • 사원01

    "I believe numbers (such as age, GPA and other scores) can’t tell who you really are. KINX wants to know your perspective, personal goals and experience. Be yourself and express your thoughts." 「KINX HR Unit Leader FAQ (KOR)」Details

  • 사원02

    "I spent quite a lot of time to get to know about KINX such as how KINX does its business and what are the core values that KINX is aiming to achieve. After then, I listed and compared my strengths to know how do I fit in KINX." 「New KINX person Interview in 2015 (KOR)」Details